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athletes-recoveryThe program for elite addiction & mental health treatment for Collegiate & Professional Athletes (Active & Retired).

THF is a non-profit organization in a national campaign to end the rampant use of Appearance and Performance Enhancing Drugs, anabolic steroids and dietary supplements among America’s youth.

Clearidium | Its all about People. 

The heart of Clearidium is our staff. All of our employees have carefully been selected according to strict requirements set up by Clearidium.

  • We only uses highly experienced, very motivated and empahtic people who has quality, mutual respect and dignity as a top priority.
  • A swift and precise test collection and delivery without compromising the well being of the sports athlete during test conduction is paramount for Clearidium.
  • Clearidium only uses semi-professional DCO/BCO’s working minimum 5 fully days per month. This guarantees that the staff is highly experienced and constantly up to date with the many test routines, the comprehensive WADA test guidelines and not the least the skill of how to take blood samples in a swift and non painful/stressful way.
  • Most of our DCOs have an administrative educational and professional background. Further they have all passed an internal administrative DCO education, making sure that they provide a top professional DCO service during each test session. The education is mastered by experienced Danish DCO’s and legal experts lead by Henrik A. Brinks, Master Degree in Law, LL.M. This ensures that our DCO’s are among the most well educated and best trained in the field.
  • All of our BCOs have a healthcare education and background. Further they are all experienced Phleobotomists conducting blood tests on a regular basis. Finally they have all passed an internal medical anti-doping test collection education, making sure that they provide a top professional BCO service during each test session. The education is mastered by experienced Danish BCO’s and one of the leading international Anti-Doping Experts, MD, PhD, Mr. Rasmus Damsgaard. This ensures that our BCO’s are among the most well educated and best trained in the field.
  • Further, our staff members are constantly being re-educated as to be updated with the latest developments, rules and guidelines concerning anti-doping testing. Also our staff is continuously being trained in the latest knowledge and techniques of how to take blood and urine samples that imposes a minimum of stress to the athlete.
  • All of our test staff members speak at least two languages fluently – one is always English. Other languages spoken by our test personnel are German, Spanish, French, Italian and the Scandinavian languages.
  • All of our test personnel are used to travelling long distance in order to fulfil the deliveries – also to more remote parts of the world. Further we can arrange special testing sessions for a longer period of time (+2 weeks) if needed – anywhere in the world.



Ronald L. Kamm, MD Sport Psychiatrist

Services Offered to Boxers and MMA Fighters

Performance Enhancement -Relaxation Visualization
Mental rehearsal Enhancing focus and concentration
Pre-Fight Mental Preparation – Positive Imagery Controlling negative thoughts Goal setting
Post-Fight Wind Down
Stress Control
Behavioral Self-Control
Family assistance
Substance Abuse Prevention and Coordination of Treatment
Gambling Prevention and Coordination of Treatment
Pain Management
Injury Rehabilitation – Coping with injury Dealing with anxiety, frustration, disconnectedness
Maximizing compliance Screening for emotional upheaval
Crisis Management
Sleep management Fear of flying
Time management Phobias
Energy building; saving energy Clinical hypnosis
Weight control Smoking cessation
Life Balance Skill Development –
Communication Family Issues
Marital conflict Anger
Aggression Date rape prevention
Career planning
Retirement issues
Diagnosis and Treatment of Learning Disabilities and Attentional Disorders (ADHD)
Diagnosis and treatment of anxiety, mood disorders, and eating disorders.
Referral services, when indicated, to a wide variety of highly qualified providers of mental health and ancillary services.

Available 24/7 Same day appointments

Dr Kamm is an adult and adolescent psychiatrist in private practice in Oakhurst, NJ and is a distinguished life fellow of the American psychiatric association. Dr. Kamm sub-specializes in sport psychiatry, and has been lecturing nationally and internationally on the subject since the 1970s. In addition to consulting with high school and college teams, hehas treated elite athletes in all sports, and was the sport psychiatrist for the Jersey Shore Cats of the USBL, a minor league basketball team coached by NBA hall of famer Rick Barry.
Dr. Kamm, Immediate past president of the international society for sports psychiatry, is currently interested in improving the youth sport experience for our youngest athletes and his articles and opinions have appeared in the New York Times, in Sports Illustrated and on his website, He has written chapters in three recently published textbooks on sport psychiatry, is on national boards serving the sports of gymnastics and boxing, and was vice-president of Gerry Cooney’s organization, FIST.

Dr Kamm has made numerous radio and TV appearances, including a discussion of the Roger Clemens – Mike Piazza World series bat-throwing incident with Sam Donaldson on In October 2007 he was named one of the 100 Most Influential Sports Educators in America by the institute for international sport.

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