WBC (World Boxing Council) joins forces with VADA

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It is with great pleasure to announce that the WBC (World Boxing Council) has joined forces with VADA (Voluntary Anti-Doping Association) to initiate the WBC CLEAN BOXING PROGRAM first proposed by our late President Dr.Jose Sulaiman Ch. Now under the directive of our President Mauricio Sulaiman this program will be another WBC dream come true.
Along with the invaluable support and tireless efforts of VADA and President Dr. Margaret Goodman, the PROGRAM will start with our participation in the testing funding for the upcoming Super Lightweight Division World Championship between Viktor Postol (Ukr) and Lucas Matthysse (Arg) scheduled October the 3rd 2015 for the vacant WBC Superlightweight world championship.
The WBC-VADA program is quite ambitious, and its main goal aside from testing is to educate the athletes on the danger and disadvantages that doping can bring to their present and future wellbeing, along with the penalties in testing positive for prohibited substances, in or out of competition.
The WBC-VADA initiative tutorials as well as complete policies and procedures will be available to all through our WBC website. It is the WBC’s firm position to become a bastion of a drug free boxing profession.
The program has been planned, designed and developed with countless hours of hard work and dedication of many passionate members of the WBC and VADA. It is basically divided in 3 primary objectives :
-Awareness program to educate and prevent boxers about the dangers of substances and the tragic effects that they can lead to. This is done by tutorials, webinars , forums , materials , etc….
-Out of competition Random testing
-Voluntary enrollment by fighters.
The WBC and VADA will be continuously reporting progress of this historic venture and we are certain that the boxing community at large will endorse and participate ti achieve the main goal which is protect our athletes and our sport.

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