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Boxing Life Stories Season 5: #39 Dr Flip Homansky

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Recently described at The Godfather of PED testing in boxing, Dr Flip Homansky was a physician on the Nevada State Athletic Commission for some of the biggest fights in history.

Dr Homansky also served on the NSAC Medical Advisory Board Chairman having worked at the Chief Ringside Physician for almost three decades. He is the former Association of Boxing Commissions vice-president and current vice-president of the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association.

Fascinatingly, he allowed Evander Holyfield to box on against Mike Tyson in the infamous Bite Fite (from a medical perspective), he was there for the Fan Man incident when Bowe fought Holyfield, and he’s seen fighters at their best and worst over the years.

He’s been in the locker rooms with the likes of Tommy Morrison and Marvin Hagler and he is one of the sport’s most-respected voices. It has been said: “There is probably no one in the world with more medical experience as it relates to boxing.”

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